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Kitty Williams asks...
I still BELIEVE!!! Do you??
Yes, Why
No, Why

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bcause carmelo amare and jeremy lin are thebest players on that team and i believe they will win th playoffs :)
i have faith
The Knicks are a point guard away from being a championship contender
melo had 4 assists! hes adjusting his game! hurray!
were the knickerbockers
cuz this is New York
always imma knick fan 4life i always belive
nxt season! lets go knicks!!
yes but we need a triangle offense
Because everyone deserves that chance to win it all and go home proud. Why not New York.
Cause at any giving time anything can happen and history can be broken
Because believing is the key. Don't stop believing whatever happens..
the big M
Without vision the people will perish
why not? haha look at lins story this season. that shoud make believing in this easy
I have seen teams come back from being down 3 - 1. Can the Knicks do it? Will we see. The Knicks are my team and will always be my team. I hope they can do it.
pump up the volume knicks!!!
These are OUR KNICKS!!! Y wont we believe? They may have 2 of the top 5 players in the NBA, but pound for pound, we are better. LET'S GO MELO!!!! GO TO WORK STAT!!! KNICK NATION BABY!!!!!
They r awsome
yes because i have faith in the knicks
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knicks will never win championship because: coach-woodson only knows ISO plays nothing else,remember atlanta joe johnson. Player-melo loves ISO plays,remember denver.Player-stat wants nash to come to the knicks,how could you even open your mouth when JLIN is still around that i call direspect and lack of trust for your teamate. Media-stephen a" ss smith said the knicks need to sign a legit point guard( by the way i can't stand this a" ss smith)this guy loves iverson and melo= ISO players.This is really tell me about his basketball IQ.Owner+management- give up the farm to get an ISO's player remember marbury. JLIN go anywhere but NY.The knicks don't deserve you