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knickchick asks...
Should Jeremy Lin risk injury and Play in Game 5?
Yes, we need him!
No, he should not play!

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lets face it the heat are probably going to win this series. so, if jeremy can play, he should play a few minutes just to get the feel of the playoff atmosphere for next season. im still optimistic that the knicks can pull a miracle. :D
jeremy lin part of the playoff that why he must play now or never
because he is a beast almost like yao ming but better
its his first time participating in a playoff, he should play n get the feel of it...
i kinda think jeremy lin should just play todays game may be last game u never know
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He is obviously not ready physically. He had wanted to come back this series badly but his body won't respond. I had wanted to see him play off bench after BD down, but if both his Doctor and himself said he is not ready, then he definitely should stay out. He has to be 120% healthy before he can jump in a playoff game, esp. for his style of playing, always attacking the basket... he is probably only 80% right now. He had pushed himself and hoping for an earlier return, but he experienced great soreness in his left knee. Thanks to melo and amare, they told him not to mess up with injuries cause they've been through that and they've seen those who've done that ended their basketball career early. We don't want JLin to end that way. So take it easy, man! Take your time to recover and come back stronger next season!
Even though I would love to see him take the court I say the risk far outweighs the benefit to him. Why risk it getting hurt with a contract that's not guaranteed when he will be a free agent next season and the knicks can play him some real money to see him play again.
Jeremy Lin will most likely be out of rhythm with the rest of the team. He is not good enough, veteran or experienced enough for the Knick to risk his re-entry into the line up with so much at stake. A full summer of working out and player with other ballers will make him a good point guard next season. I can't wait to see him play next season!
Miami defense is to intense, and its not worth makin the knee issue more severe
We all know that Jeremy is good.. But NYK is not just about JLin. Every player is needed and that's how NYK should stand up. Each player should rise up.