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Moshe Mazon asks...
if melo and amar'e play like they did on sunday, can we win the series ?

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Absolutely, for once, they actually co-existed for the entire full run. They manage to stay at all active points in the court and get more than half their shots off.
lets make TD hurt LeBron then hell ya
Far from a reality though
they need to pull something and pray the heat get relaxed
I believe so, and some support from the bench, good defense and coach skys the limit
obviously they can. toughness is the way to go
they are cool and they are invincible when they team up
I think they actually played like a team. But I also think the knicks will have a hard time because they are at Miami. We will just have to wait and see.
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No!! they need to break james legs n wades nose...
No, heat's play is still uncertain to us that's why every knick player should play to the highest level.
They still need to stop James
even i'm a knicks fan but the truth is the heat defense will shut down the knicks this time