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knicks#17 asks...
Do you want to see Lin back for Game 5?
Yes! We want Lin!
It's too risky....

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yes i do not care how long he will play or not play on the court. but i do care i wanna see Jeremy lin wear the uniform in game 5.
lin should come bck because we have to guards injured bad
but its not worth any setbacks
he tight
YEs!! Lin hasnt played in aplayoff b4 n who knows about next yr,, so put him in.. if he gets hurt again, davis n shumpert has company
Only if he can play, no need for more injuries.
lin will win game5 for knicks one moore time high hope for fan
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I dont Lin should play..Its too soon. Douglas should play but have to be careful not to over shot the ball. He tends to shot and miss to many baskets.
It's too selfish to me if I want him to play back in game5 if he's not really ready physically..
He is NOT physically ready
If lin's doctor discharged him, he will be ok. But fo God's sake, he is not 100% health yet. Why you want him to be injured again? Show your big heart
No one wants LInn back as much as I do but why risk it! First it must be scary to him seeing his fellow teammates being taken off the court in stretchers. Second he doen't have a guaranteed contract and if I was his agaent I would advise him not to. If the knicks want to see more of Linsanity they need to pay him whatever is due him now. He should not risk getting injured then having to sit back on the bench next year cause everyone knows the knee is gone. No Way Jose
if he's not cleared by the docs keep him off the floor. i think this team is really coming together and i believe coach woodson will work on the things lins has to correct as far as turnover for next season. I see lin working good with Melo stat chandler as the starting pg. coach woodson is the answer to all of the chemistry issues the team had under d'antoni.
No, he is not fully recovered yet! Not cleared by the doctors yet.