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Jacopo Moroni asks...
Which player do you want to stay on the knicks as a shooting guard?

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Fields is a core player on the team. He's been around since before Melo so he knows the inner workings of Stat et al. He is also impt because he adds to the list of unselfish players on the roster. We need to keep that strain of selflessness and team play!
Everytime i see Smith take a shot or make an erroneous pass my heart skips a beat. I'm surprised i'm still alive
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Fields cannot shoot free throws or 3 pointers
the kid is proving himself and seems to fit the team well.
Smith (although streaky) is the better shooter and he makes plays. Plus Smith is a great, explosive defensive player. As much as I like Fields, he's a weak link.
Smith is a deadly streaky shooter who can go off anytime
i would like to see us keep both and shumpert as well. there is a ton of talent at this position and we should use it to our advantage
Really I would like to see them both...I like Smith's passion and I like Fields patience and skill with the ball
smith is better but keep both