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kevin0124 asks...
do you think jeremy will be the starter for next season? why?

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hes good and he deserves it. just look at his stats. stats dont lie. his stats measure up with some of the greatest point guards.
He already proven it :)) in all aspects of being a point guard.
Sure! We will see linsanity 2.0 next season!
lin is A BIG TIME player that got what NBA hope for
He will be even more dangerous next season. I bet in his smart brain, strategies and plans for a champion PG are formulating...
I hope in the off season Jeremy will get stronger which will help him to have less turnovers. When that happens he would be a great starting point guard. But he has to get stronger in his upper body and stop picking up his dibble too soon. Training camp over the summer is going to be good for him.
Because he earned it.
I hope so!
Because, he has proved himself that he can be an excellent starter! Linsanity 2.0 for season 2012-2013! Yeeeeees...
Definitely. He's got the moves needed to get ahead in the NBA, all he needs to do is some fitness training and work on getting less turnovers. And I don't care what all of those Woodson haters say. J-Lin was a starter in all 7 of the games he played after D'Antoni resigned, so how can you say Woodson hates him? But first we need to get news on whether Knicks management keeps him or not, and if they don't, I'll just lose it.
Lin should start because he makes his teammates better.
If he's not, I am CALLING strike against the Knicks or the coach! Are you kidding me? Who else is better to start than Jeremy as PG?
He will be ready.
why the hell not
No doubt….
He already proved himself...
I think he will. and i think coach woodson is the right guy to correct the chemistry problems the team has had before. also i believe woodson is the right guy to help lin out with his turnover problems.
MSG and Dolan also care about $$$$$$$, and 4 star starters = a hungry audience willing to dish out cash to see games.
Tell us why you picked your answer...
Tell us why you picked your answer...
i believe he will deal/nego, with this matters before his decide sign re-sign the contract...
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If Woodson is the coach. Lin will not start or have limited minutes.
See how he plays on court after coming back from his injury and eventually become a starter when he's 100% lin.
lets see who we draft n go from there
He will play, but not as the starter, i really like him to play, but do not risk it, He can be backup for Bibby, and play less minute for a while, no need to rush him except for the Playoff Experience thing