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kevin0124 asks...
should knicks make lin back on games 5 (especially now is 3-1)?

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Agin LIN is A BIG TIME PLAYER we just cannot pass it way NOT in a million
I think Lin should be playing in games 6 and 7..
I say yes!!!! a defeat for miami in miami will ROCK The Stadium!!!
It shouldn't be about the Knicks MAKING lin come back, it should be ONLY about the docs clearing him to play and Lin feeling no pain.
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Who can make Lin back while doctor said he needs 6 weeks to recover?
No...Lin is definetely not ready...especially against the Heat. He wasnt ready for the Heat when both his knees was good. Let Lin prepare for next season. He will be good and strong for next season.
its gonna take time getting back in rhythm
Our state in the series should have nothing to do with Lin playing his health and Readiness should be the only factor. †
this is a stupid decission to bring him back on games 5, Knicks need him for long term..
my personally said... no... because there are no guarantee knicks will win (3-1)and no point make lin hurt and bad impression from fan on him if lost game after return of lin...
If the doctors say no I say no. Listen LIn is going to be the starter next year and things are coming together so lets not rush it.
Only he himself can tell that whether he could play or not! He would not say no, if he could play! Plus, the doctors have not cleared him.
It's not even 6 weeks yet. He needs to fully recover first.
I hate these lin questions I wnt him to play odee but but i dont want him to get hurt
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