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hawjboiz asks...
Risk J.Lin for game 5 or Save him for next season?
J.Lin for game 5
Save him for next season

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He should play when he CAN Play. †
NOW is time to sine LIN or never
all the greats play through injuries. lin is going to be one of the greats. gotta start now.
put him in, he doesnt have any plans for the off season...
what do we have to lose we are in a desperation game we need all we can get
I honestly want him to be back. However, let's leave it to the one who has a powerful move in everything.
we need all hands on deck even if he just comes in to give somebody a 5 min break.
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Save him so he is 110% and have a better next season with everyone more healthy. J.Lin MVP or MIP next season!
Lin is a good point guard which the Knicks definetely need. Good point guards are hard to come by in the NBA and Lin was a diamond in the rough. Work with him over the summer and get him stronger for next seasons. I think its foolish to risk an injury when the Knicks are down 3-1.
we want Lin for seasons not just for 1 or 2 games
He needs more time to recover. Don't rush him, as we know players just back from injury are normally cold.
Tell us why you picked your answer...
i want see lin on court but no point to hurt him. i dont think knicks will win for the games 5...