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melorules7 asks...
Since baron Davis is out who do you think should take his plce

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Love Bibby's effort -- seeing spurts of offense and a lot of great passes (He is contributing). Voting Douglas because slumps are not a reliable to define a player -- He contributes well when he is in a zone (people always forget). I'm curious to see what kind of contributions he would make. We need all active players to contribute if we are serious about continuing to compete.
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Simple. What has Douglas done besides keep the bench warm and high five the other players? I mean Jerome Jordan gets more play then him, and is effective as well. So is Harrellson.
but we are going to need douglas. bibby is going to be good for 20 or 25 minutes then we are going to need toney.
Toney could take Bibby's place in relief
No need to hate on Toney Douglas. He doesn't get to play anymore bc Woodson always goes with experienced players over newbies. But watch Melo's first game at MSG and you'll see TD playing really well and doing some major scoring.
Don't Let Toney on the Court.