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Knickerbockers! asks...
What's Coach Woodson's deal with Landry Fields?
Hates him
Don't trust him

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Woodson favors JR, at the expense of Landry's minutes on the court.
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hope lin can be able soon... they have great chemistry together... lin has great chemistry with tyson too... and iman... and novak...
Woody always bench Landry Fields when he is hot and looks like Woody doesn't want Field shine. Bias, hate, not trust? Can somebody ask him?!
I don't think he hates anybody
Why would he hate anyone, especially Landry? Did Landry slash his tires or something? I just think that Woodson might have trust issues with younger players.
he doesnt have confident in fields, fields is scare to charge towards the hoop... fields is afraid of making contact while approaching to the hoop..
but I trust Landry.