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koenigii asks...
If iso and team ball cant coexist,which one should leave the team?

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lin make whole team look good while melo only make himself look good.
melo is about to make a very bad record: the most points by a player with the worst record for playoff wins. he just doesnt get it. he really only wants points and touches not wins.
melo caused 6 losing steak... obviously....
obviously the true leader Lin only gave us a boost and he is more consistant
simple. What did Denver do? Who is also in playoffs with out a super star? Didn't we learn from the 04 pistons?
so far from the statistic when melo was injured, Lin was dominating the game and we need younger player for future markets and games
He makes himself look good, he doesn't involve other guys. And the numbers proved it. 3-5 assists per game? This is like... Kobe's brother. MJ, even if he was playing 2Guard, became the Bull's assist leader and scoring leader during his time. Why can't he do the same?
it says in his name "MElo"
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It's plain obvious that Melo can't preform unless he's the main guy with four others trail along twiddling their thumbs. He's in the wrong sport. He should go play tennis. He simply has to go.
I like Lin but the Knicks will never give up Melo over Lin.