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koenigii asks...
What kind of game do you like to watch?
Iso ball
Team ball

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stephen ass smith love iso ball his favorite players are iverson and melo. can't stand this ass smith,tasteless ,baseless and nonsense comments.Hey ass smith get your head out of your ass when you speak
iso ball but the other players cant assume the ball will automatically go in, they must prepare for a rebound n play offense
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Obviously, team ball will results to team wins.
seriously its so boring watching the playoffs. they give the ball to melo. he dribbles around. makes a shot and everyone stands around. yawn. its not only boring but its not even close to effective.
It's like a one man show! Melo is doing everything, making shots, missing shots, doing free throws, he always has the ball in his hands!
cuz its a team GAME
Team ball generates team games, energy and excitement while ISO ball generates personal and flat games.
"TEAM BALL", is about team? which makes the Knicks better..
Don't let Melo make the play. Let real PG's like Lin do it for the Knicks, he involves everyone in the offense. Dishing out 7 or more assists per game. I love it when all of the players get credit for the win. Not just one player like Melo.
they need to work together to win the playoffs
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more fun