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hocmoner asks...
stephen a. smith has a low IQ...
low basketball IQ
he hates JLIN

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stephen a. smith said ISO MELO needs to play with a legit point guard not a marginal ones like JLIN. For your record,during JLIN seven games winning streak,he played with the knicks bench players except Tyson and beat the others 7 point guards and their staters:J.CALDERON,D.FISHER,K.IRVING,T.EVANS,D.HARRIS,R.RUBIO,J.WALL so you called these players are marginal too. When JLIN on the floor Tyson,Jared,Novak,Field,Shump and Amar'e all scored when ISO MELO on the floor MELO and himself scored,JLIN gets everyone involved, its called team ball,team ball= winning,Isoball=Iverson+Melo=losing, stephen a. smith you're nothing but a racist can't stand non black succeed in a black sport,i don't understand why you're still working for espn, maybe they're stupid or having a low basketball IQ like you.Hey a. smith,if you don't like it, you can kiss my rock. please pass it on if you agreed with me.
Racist. And he thinks Melo plays well with Iverson. Please, Iverson sucks while Lin rocks. He hates seeing non-blacks succeeding in a black sport. He should get fired and get arrested for Racism.
stephen is suck...
I kind of agree with Stephen A. Smith. Because when Melo is on the floor everybody plays good but when he sits everything go's bad. So we do need some iso plays but not all the time.
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A writer with bias and preference is not qualified to write.