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Ori Melloul asks...
Do you think Knicks should pay Lin alot?

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whynot LIN is big time player
God knows, everybody knows that he's humble and generous. With that kind of salary, he'll donate almost the half of it to NBA Cares or spend it hosting basketball clinics or building houses and schools. :D
@Ori Melloul You such a stupid!
stephen a. smith said ISO MELO needs to play with a legit point guard not a marginal ones like JLIN. For your record,during JLIN seven games winning streak,he played with the knicks bench players except Tyson and beat the others 7 point guards and their staters:J.CALDERON,D.FISHER,K.IRVING, T.EVANS,D.HARRIS,R.RUBIO,J.WALL so you called these players are marginal too. When JLIN on the floor Tyson,Jared,Novak,Field,Shump and Amar'e all scored when ISO MELO on the floor MELO and himself scored,JLIN gets everyone involved, its called team ball,team ball= winning,Isoball=Iverson+Melo=losing, stephen a. smith you're nothing but a racist can't stand non black succeed in a black sport,i don't understand why you're still working for espn, maybe they're stupid or having a low basketball IQ like you.Hey a. smith,if you don't like it, you can kiss my rock. please pass it on if you agreed with me.
Yes, but save some money for Novak! NY loves him too much to see him go.
He's the man!
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he is a slow healer after a injury. many players had the same injury came back after 3 weeks
so other better players can come to
No, didnt they learn their lesson yet? hes vulnerable
No because than he will get get greedy and I f he dosent get payed a lot he will stay humbled i it is a fact some stars that get played crazy money suck like melo and amare right now andthesucky playersjus shine