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nykbig3167 asks...
Do you think Knicks can become first team to win a series down 3-0?
Yes and Why
No and Why

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As Lin said in the playoff video, "KEEP THE FAITH!"
hell yea they have the talent and if melo get goin aint nothin leBUM james can do #knickstape
enybody who said no isn't a knicks fan ... enything is possible
if lin and amre come back and the nicks work as a team they can be the first
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the knicks a trainwreck. melo is no jordan, kobe or anyone close to greatness. he causes divisiveness and not cohesion. hes a very poor "leader"
The person that asked this question do not even believe that. They do not have a comment for yes.
Not enough able bodies right now.
I have faith. But I also believe in team work. As long as Melo doesn't involve everyone except Amare in the offensive end, they're a goner. And they don't even play defense that well.
who r the starting players?? seem like everyones hurt
the team could win a game if keep their game a consistent level on defense and offense...