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lcforjlin asks...
Should Knicks employ a new coach or keep Woodson in the next season?
A new coach
Keep Woodson

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A coach for champion and Woodson for defense.
keep woodson as assistant coach and find someone who has tons of experience with PLAYOFFS
Phil Jackson
We need a coach who had championship experience than a coach who only brings team into the playoffs. we need a coach like Spur's or OKC's.
hire a new coach if knicks still wants champion
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Aside from not trusting Lin to lead, Woodson is not proven to be a winner. Go get someone that believes in pure player's potential and not eluded with big names.
When you get blownout 4 out of 5 games with the players we have WE NEED A CHANGE. they were flat on offense
cause woodson awesome i jst dont want him to hehe
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Keep Woodson but hire Jackson as head coach.
he's a keeper
he showed the knicks how to play good d fence
When Woodson is here Knicks win more games.
Knicks has no choices. Good coach is not interested to coach this team.
He's got the team thinking defensively and can make good choices all season long. Plus he was a knicks pick and has the swagger for the city.