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Little Tigers asks...
Please do NOT rush Lin back! Let him fully recover!
Yes, Stay out, Lin!
Risk Lin's future for it

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All us Knick's fans know we need him back but his health is much too important for a game of basketball...
Just not worth it at this point unless Lin says he is absolutely ready to play. Why risk it! His fans aren't going anywhere and plan to see him at 100% next season!
I rlly want him back :( but if hes gonna get injured again i rather not
Yes, he still have loads of games to play in the future. Still many chance to play for the team to win. The first thing to do is to make sure he is over 100% recovered. As you can see Bull's Rose? He is an example...his season is finished in the first come back game. Well...there is no point to rush.
We already have lose so many people, let's not risk it.
Lin still have many more seasons to work for the team and I hope they really come together as a better team next year and fight for the RING next season!
wow this is a hard one. Mainly because of the way its been asked. I want to see Lin on the court but definitely not at any risk to his knee. As someone whos trained and practiced in trauma surgery and orthopedics( for a stint) it's kind of iffy that he can be back without risking further injury. This is of course without the benefit of seeing his latest or even his pre op MRI's. If his docs say hes good to go though, I trust that he ready
To settle this you just need to say one name: DERRICK ROSE.
As much as we need him back, we need him to be healthy for more than just a game
no need to rush the kid back in there. we need him at his 100%. if he's not at that stage, then there's definitely no point for him getting in there. GWS!
Only after one is fully recovered can he be help on court. If he had to worry about his injured knee on court, he is not going to be of help. He may hurt knicks and hurt himself. So, if you are not fully recovered, don't get back on court.
The last thing we want is for Lin to re-injure it. We need him fresh for next season, he needs to let it heel so he can continue to re-gain the strength
Jeremy still young and have a lot of chance to play, do not rush to play without fully recover, when he ready he will be back and bring the win to us.
Young players still have long careers ahead. Shouldn't risking lin's future with the knee.Give Lin the whole post season and summer to fully recover and get totally healthy.
he must rest
All us Knick's fans know we need him back but his health is much too important for a game of basketball...
Lucy06 has a stupid and ignorant response! If a player is still injured or has not fully recovered, he should not play. PERIOD. It has nothing to do with credibility or avoiding his responsibility. Either you're too ignorant to understand this simple fact or you are not a fan at all, but someone watching sports for the sake of winning, and in real life, it does not work that way!
Let it be Lin's Decision. If he feels good Go for it. There is always next year if not. But I know everyone here would love to see him!
rose? shump?
The risk of injury is not worth the tiny fraction of possibility that the Knicks can win the next 3 games against the Heat. I also see the Lin-haters want him to play, which says it all...
we need Lin to be 100% healthy next season.
No need to take a chance on the knee when he is out of playoff shape. plenty more seasons to come NYK
for all we no lin could severly hurt himself in a rush
Give Knicks the best team next season if not play now.
Wow , does Lucy06 really understand the game of basketball?! Comparing wrist injury with knee injury! Epic thought process! Please, Jeremy is not super human. You are very cruel.
let him fully recover. i want a healthy Lin next season!!
No need to rush Lin back. JLin need to fully recover first.
don't take the risk and please all other NBA teams for next season.
Tell us why you picked your answer...
Lin can't help to beat the Heat. He may have more TOs if he is not ready.
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For the last game of the season Lin should make a short brief appearance n play but doesnt need to play hard..
we need lin!
Lin got to play game 5 no matter what. This is for his honor. I am his fan. But if he avoids his responsibility I will be very disappointed. He will lose his credibility if he shows up in suits again game 5. 5 weeks have passed since his surgery, this type of surgery recovery should not take this long especially when his team needs him! Lots of players play with injury, such as Chandler playing with wrist pain. Why is Lin so overprotected? Not coming out for fear of injury again? Nonsense! If solders are afraid of casualty, police are afraid of personal safety, nobody is going to do his job anymore! You choose this career you have to fulfill your duty. You cannot always just think about your own personal welfare such as staying away from the plate to reduce risk of injury or reserving your strength before you get a large contract, that's selfish coward way of thinking! I really like Lin that's why I don't want to see him ruining his good name and honor.
What about the future of his teammates? His teammates are not 100 percent and they are playing their hearts out. If Lin can play, he should play.
If doctor's OK his return, it's not a risk. If he;s healthy, he should play. W/o Shump and Baron, Lin is needed.
stephen a. smith said ISO MELO needs to play with a legit point guard not a marginal ones like JLIN. For your record,during JLIN seven games winning streak,he played with the knicks bench players except Tyson and beat the others 7 point guards and their staters:J.CALDERON,D.FISHER,K.IRVING,T.EVANS, D.HARRIS,R.RUBIO,J.WALL so you called these players are marginal too. When JLIN on the floor Tyson,Jared,Novak,Field,Shump and Amar'e all scored when ISO MELO on the floor MELO and himself scored,JLIN gets everyone involved, its called team ball,team ball= winning,Isoball=Iverson+Melo=losing, stephen a. smith you're nothing but a racist can't stand non black succeed in a black sport,i don't understand why you're still working for espn, maybe they're stupid or having a low basketball IQ like you.Hey a. smith,if you don't like it, you can kiss my rock. please pass it on if you agreed with me.
It's hard. But I don't think the knicks will make it through the series against a team like Miami. So why not just give Lin a playoff experience? It will only make him better and learn.
noway LIN is not a dummer NBA CALEBATE do not sine away from a big moment
You answer choices are way too biased...if the docs clear him then he should play.
Not really a great choice. But if he can play, he's going to. That's part of being human. If he can make a difference then he will at least try. There's no reason for him to play a lot of minutes. He could be a backup for Bibby now that Davis is out along with Shumpert. But that's what teammates do.
if the lin plays sunday and they lose , he has months and months to recover. if lin plays sunday and they win, he will give himself a real test and if he overcomes sunday then he shud carry us out of miami
It's Lin's call ultimately. Let the young man choose his own fate. Even if we don't win the series, think what it will do for the city and for Lin if he plays well in the postseason in such a "Linsane" season.