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knicks#17 asks...
Do you think that Stat and Melo work and play well together?
Yes, they do!
They arent good together

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i think Lin can connect they together.
They just need time.
they can do it with patience and cooperation.
When Stat is at the 5 position and Melo is at 4, they work really well. But when Stat is at 4 and Melo is at 3, they can't seem to catch a break.
Every played in the NBA can play well together its just they need a PG a true PG to run the plays for them.
Let them get a full year together with one couch and all playing healthy then LOOKOUT DOUBTERS
Yes. The only thing is they need to learn more about how and where to complement each other on the floor. They will be just fine. He is what melo needs to be a balanced offense.
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they were never able to click together.Dont know why. Maybe they lack of the good PG, maybe they lack of a good coach, maybe they just can't be together. Who knows. Plus too many super stars only make the team even harder to come together as ONE unit. Look at Bulls, no super stars, and IND, no super stars, but they play well together. They are a TEAM. so this is something Dolan should have thought of when he recruited melo/stat.
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isnt this question a repeat??
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