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nykbig3167 asks...
Will the Knicks win this series?
Yes and Why
No and Why

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history always repeats itself
Jeremy Liin will be back!
You can't judge a series by one game... traditionally teams that win blowout playoff games don't have a higher rate of success in the series overall.. plus the heat can't carry some of their points into game 2
I could give you A billion reasons.. but only one matters. It's Time!
We will win tonight's game. Melo will push for it! And our home games are certain wins as well.
faith for knicks . .!! :D
I root for Knicks
keeping the faith
they will
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Too many injuries, and melo solo play. Too easy for heat.
not good enough to win against the heat
maybe not the series, but we'll definitely will make it hard for them
they cant do it. they need to get better in the offseason and make a good run next year
The refs told us loud and clear in game 1 that David Stern does not want the Knicks to get pass first round.
Not this year, I had hope, but I see more injuries than wins for my Knicks.
the heat has better chemistry, when their on, their on!!!
lack of good PG and I don't want Lin rush to back.
look at all the results and you can tell
Tell us why you picked your answer...
Heat are too strong offensively and defensively for the Knicks
health problems =(