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Austin Choi asks...
Is Lin Going to join the Knicks in game 2?
Hell yea!
Don't think so...

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stephen a. smith said ISO MELO needs to play with a legit point guard not a marginal ones like JLIN. For your record,during JLIN seven games winning streak,he played with the knicks bench players except Tyson and beat the others 7 point guards and their staters:J.CALDERON,D.FISHER,K.IRVING, T.EVANS,D.HARRIS,R.RUBIO,J.WALL so you called these players are marginal too. When JLIN on the floor Tyson,Jared,Novak,Field,Shump and Amar'e all scored when ISO MELO on the floor MELO and himself scored,JLIN gets everyone involved, its called team ball,team ball= winning,Isoball=Iverson+Melo=losing, stephen a. smith you're nothing but a racist can't stand non black succeed in a black sport,i don't understand why you're still working for espn, maybe they're stupid or having a low basketball IQ like you.Hey a. smith,if you don't like it, you can kiss my rock. please pass it on if you agreed with me.
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health first. he still has a long career ahead, don't risk it
Safety first because if he get foul that many times he will get hurt again then he will not play fo a long time again.
No he said sunday that he wasn't feeling that good and was resting
HES injured. miami is a very physical team and he likely will injure his self
i dont think so because his injury is now all the way up ntu date
well the second round past already so its a no
He is not can see it in his face and hear it in his voice. he's just not ready!!!
again, I would like him not rush to back only if he 200% recovery.
Lin is still in recovery. He can not cut and run, how can he join the game 2? And also he'd better not do anything because they definitely will hurt him. Miami is very dangerous team.
because he is injured
He has to realize that there's a very fine line between brave and stupid. he shouldnt go out against a team who is very physical and re injure himself
This is the most stupid question I've seen so far.
Tell us why you picked your answer...
Im afraid that Sunday will b the end of the knicks season...
by the way he spoke after sundays practice it looks pretty ifie