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Little Tigers asks...
First game of playoff, Both D.Rose and Iman suffered from torn ACL!
Speedy Recovery 4 both!
Play Smart, Knicks!

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such a shame, really. get well soon shump and rose!
I love derrick rose
Get well soon guys. Both great players. Unfortunately they are DONE for the SEASON. This season was too hectic for teams, The players should sue the League for all these injuries. also Fans get ripped off pay good money to see star players sit out of meaningless games :/ this season blows...
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wish both a full recovery and please do play smart, knicks! Never push yourself to 120% while you are only @ 100% or less. D.Rose, Shump, Lin, J.J all love to push themselves to 120% which will result in injuries, esp. in playoffs! So do play smart! Lose a game sucks, but lose a player is not what nba fans want!
what's done is done. what's left for us to do is play smart and HARD, and NEVER QUIT!
Feel bad for these young athletes. Professional baskeball is dangerous. Wish them speedy recovery.
The Knicks need to figure out how to score, somehow they need to put points on the board. Defense is key but Miami is going to do what they do, the Knicks NEED to respond.
its going to be hard to beat them