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Stan asks...
Do you think Jeremy Lin will be back next week?

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Yes,I want Lin to be back.
I think he wants to back asap, but seriously, not rush...please
If next week round 2 starts
Look at his practice!
We need him back, despite injury we need him. Michael, Magic, Kobe, and Iverson played with injuries and setbacks. I think he can do it
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The playoffs are physically tough for his knee. I look forward to seeing him back next season stronger.
he needs to relax, watch our game, and see what he can do better to help us next season
i'd prefer to see him in next season, with 100% recovery and become stronger. pls don't push him, i think his present status is not strong enough to be in the playoffs. don't get hurt again.
I actually hope he really get himself fully recovered and get himself prepared for next season.
He's already done for the season. Knicks won't see him on MSG until end of the year.