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HirasawaAdrian asks...
Could Lin be a top 5 MVP Candidate next season?
Of course!
Too early..

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He will grow to the best in the league.
He's already the MVP...
yes...if he gets to be apart of a proper team
he good and hee verry good
If we doing well as a team..of course
I believe he will have more chances to perform himself in the next season!! Keep going Lin!
he is so great...
will come.... one day
Keep faith!
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Too early! Top 10 maybe
have to agree with John King. It's a bit too early. Lin will need time to come back and definitely a lot to learn for him. His intangibles are there, just need some time.
he's not ready yet, but he will be later
heeellllll no. you Lin fans are kidding yourselves
His 15 minutes is over
anyone who say yes just want to get into his pants.
After 30 some-odd games played Lin has no showed he can average 14PPG. He needs to learn how to protect the ball better and go to his left. I like his attitude and toughness.
I wish but he's not as nearly as good as all the all stars
Because for all the hoop=la, all the attention warranted to Lin-sanity, what it really boils down too is Lin had the right game for a point guard desperately needed team to truly compete,how many games did he play this season? Next season he still learns, still develop,the season after maybe...