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HirasawaAdrian asks...
Could melo be a top 5 MVP Candidate next season?
Hell yeah!

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fuck ya nigga
Melo could be watever he wants to be..As long as he is into the game every night..He can lead the league in scoring and be a top MVP candidate easily
Yes. Why? All he has to do is earn the team a top four seed and play defense all the time. With how his offense is now, he will be a lock if he can maintain and the team hopefully under woodson is successful like earlier this year.
we will see next season
Without a doubt
7 words.! Do Yall See The Way Hes Playing.
Melo been playing for a few years and still has more upside, he sure has my vote...!!!
actually, I am not sure if he can continue to play this way or not. THis year he definitely got the incentives to play so well in April. Next year, who knows? But since he is the star in knicks, I sure wish knicks have someone in top 5 of the MVP ladder...
He Is The Best !
He is the next MVP!!!!
With the rate Melo's at now he could be mvp next year
With the rate melo's at now, he could be MVP next year
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Most Valuable? If this team is going to win, it's not all on his back. Love the recent surge but it just can't be Melo's light, it's gotta shine on everyone.
An MVP plays well on both sides of the court. In Game 2 versus they Heat Melo was jogging back on Defense versus running as hard as he can. If your tired ask out for a short rest.
he should retire..
Melo? No franchise star. If he can make to top 10, he's tried hard.
Doesnt improve the team