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ouwee1 asks...
Will the season be a failure if we lose in round 1?

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YES! otherwise how do you justify paying top money to Melo Chandler Stat extinguisher!!!!
all that money and lose in round 1? not acceptable.
A big failure with all the huge investments made on top players.
This Is NOT A FAIR GAME!!! Miami Heats R CHEATING!!! Bribed the REF....
Yes, this season would compound an already bad season if the Knicks were to loose this series. They could have easily been playing Indiana if they had beaten Cleveland on that Friday night. Pathetic!
they need a big win and if they lose 2day idk whats gonna happen from here
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it's just a season with a lot of stories and ups and downs. Not failure. At least not for Jeremy, he made to the NBA with a splash. Not for Melo, he won player of the month before season end. Not for Novak, for many years, he was on the bench with only garbage minutes, but shone with linsanity; Not for Iman the rookie, who impressed every knicks fans; not for JR, who came to the largest arena and made a splash, he will sure get a better deal and make noises next season...
Disappointing yes, a failure , no...only if team suddenly reverts to non-team play, lathargic, no DE, type play -- which ,in my opinion, is near impossible with the wave they are riding! GO KNICKS!
We are going in a good direction
No way! Our future is looking good with Stat,Melo,Ty and Lin and all of the other guys!
Jeremy Lin created a huge fan base for the Knicks worldwide and I (from the Philippines) am one who never followed the NBA ...till Linsanity came along. This season has already become be a lasting success for the New York Knicks!
No, because whe had to much ups and downs so it is great to reach the playoffs, but when we get sweept again it will be very dissapointing, but i dont believe in that, when i see a thrilling battle against the heat it is ok, when we lose in first round! next season we must get place 3! thats the goal! so we habe an easier 1 round
a lot of adjustments to this team has to be done!
I think Knicks has gained so much in this season! They may not get the champion at the end (but of course I wish they can). They have already caught the eyes around the world, specially Jeremy! He lights up the NBA and the Knicks this season and will be continued I am sure. For the other players, Jeremy brings up the team and the team energy. Many other players rise up because of him. Novak is no longer transparent now to his teammates. Although Shumpert is injured, he is still young and he has so much potential. Knicks need to keep the good players and find a good coach to let the players shine on the court.
Just want to continue drose's: not for Tyson, he won defensive award for the year
With all that has happened this year, they have come a long way.
Just think: Stephon Marbury - Isiah Thomas - Eddy Curry. Think about all the players around the league that are draft picks of old doing well, lost in a quest for stars: Gallinari, Ariza, David Lee, Wilson Chandler. (Then think: Shumpert, best pick since 1991: Greg Anthony). Damn this was a GREAT year, first round exit included.
We have a good nucleus. Let Mike Woodson mold the team the next few years.
its a failure if we get swept again
It is a game as long as i see that the Knicks put their all into that game then I believe it is not a loss, this is a lockout season so of course their is going to be a lot of injuries and we had a lot. Now next season will be completely different.
With all of the distractions, injuries and coaching change the Knicks now know what they are made out of.
nah, Ouwee youve been on the boards as often as anyone. Im thinking you feel the way I do, that it's been about the excitement and the effort. The way the Knicks have rejuvenated the city, the state and even the world by their efforts is more than enough of a reason for me to say it's been a success. There are I believe only 3 games this season that I feel (in a humble fans opinion) that we gave up or didnt even try to compete
No one can expect us to win this year with all the stuff we went through, we just started to figure out things with coach Woodson. Next year we have a shot at the championship IMO.
Completely unlucky in playing the Heat the first round. Would have rather purposely lost and played the Bulls actually...
I will await to hear some knucklehead say yes and straighten him out