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hocmoner asks...
best way to beat the heat
lebron foul trouble
melo outscore lebron

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Once Lebron is in foul trouble, someone else will have to guard melo. Lebron is the only person on the heat that can guard melo so if you bring in a bench player then someone else will have to help to double team. This causes melo to be a distraction and he will be able to kick it out to the open man.
they need to play zone def
knicks will win this series if melo gets lebron into foul trouble, be smart melo!!!
But lebron don't get called for fouls
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You can't just get LeBron to foul you!
Lebron doesn't get in foul trouble.
Carmelo has it in him to dominate any game which is more likely to happen than Lebron fouling out of a game i mean seriously that guy is an actress when he gets a slight foul.
Melo nearly always has good games against Bron. I fear he is the only hope left now...
melo is the only hope now...
but lbj looks very strong and focused! hope the fire isnt gone by melo - maybe he lost power in the though last month
they need to get the heat fustrated and get them to be out of sink so then thats when the knicks come in for the kill
You can't just get LeBron to foul out. and not just Melo but the whole team outscoring Bron Wade and Bosh