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Kay from Queens asks...
What if Lin being out was a strategic move to protect from scout reports
Playoffs Meet Linsanity!
Nah... but nice thought!

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What scouting report? He's already been scouted!
i knew it all along
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another dumb ass question !!!
DUMB? okay but surely we can agree that is a FUN thought. Imagine a 7 GAME WINNING STREAK DURING THE PLAYOFFS!!! (WE NEED THAT!!)FYI: It's not IMPOSSIBLE -- Maybe unlikely but not impossible. As for him already being scouted -- Not enough character space to complete question so it was put in short (said scout report -- figured you'll get the idea) SHOULD I HAVE SAID PROTECT FROM FURTHER BEING STUDIED AND LEARNED or FROM TAPES? Not knowing what to expect from Lin was a big part to the successful Linsanity Run. FYI: They don't stop studying players. Again, it would be nice!!!!
What made you think about that? That's impossible.