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Kay from Queens asks...
How bad you want it? Knowing both team's history, honestly do you think:
Knicks Want it More!!!
The Heat Want it More!!!

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New york needs it already we have been waiting way too long.
When was the last time the Knicks had a good roster and a championship? a long time and they really want it
lebron will be an asshole just to get a ring
It doesn't matter about their history because in my opinion the Lebron doesn't deserve a championship the Heat aren't a team and they even know it it is only the big three, that is why the knicks want it more because they are the embodiment of teamwork.
i mean look at it knicks got within 8th place in the playoffs and they are one of the worst teams when it comes to turnovers
look into melo eyes
the heat lost last year so they gonna do everything they can to get back there this year but theres only one thing standing in there way CARMELO ANTHONY!
Obviously Knicks do. most of them want a ring bad. The Knicks need a ring more than LeBron does
New Yorkers and Knicks fan want it more, than Miami Lebron James want's the ring more life itself!
Knick's need a championship they didnt get one for along time. Heat has won more
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the pressure is on the heat and has been since the dream team assembled
the heat definitely want it more! but we NYER's have something to say bout that!
The Heat want it more because they went last year and they have got beat bad by mavericks and lebron doesnt have a ring and he went to the heat to get a ring.