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jtcknick asks...
Had there been reg.82 gm season, would NY've finished at a .750 clip +?
Yes & probably won Div.
No, about the same

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16 more games, more gelling, possible injury way we wouldn't have at least caught ORL...! GO KNICKS!
yes but definetly not first in the division
would have more time to recover from injuries
The Nets suck some people needs to watch the games more often.
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That's a crazy percentage for a new team. And figure this, had there have been no lockout we wouldn't have signed Lin, and wouldn't have had Linsanity streak.
If it was a longer season, the Knicks would've had ended the season going up against scrubs like Charlotte
The bench played an undeniable part in the Knicks comeback this season. With a longer season, there would be more rest for the top players in the league and a team with a deep bench would be less relevant