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Dakota Freeman asks...
Was Mike Woodson a good choice for the Knicks?
No he hates Lin

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i don't think Mike Woodson hates Lin and He protects Lin in Many Times
Good coach, and I really don't think he hates Lin
They finally have a legitimate defense and more importantly defensive mindset, allowing them to utilize more offensive weapons, on a more regular basis.
He is great, what are you talking about Woodson being against Lin. Lin is hurt so he isn't playing. Woodson has been great. Don't hate on Woodson, even thou he only been a coach for the Knicks for a sort time, he has been the best coach for the Knicks in a long time.
He chooses who plays when and against whom based on the player's abilities. I doubt he has personal bias's involved
He makes everyone including himself, accountable for their actions. Can coach defense as good as any coach in the league. He needs to be re-signed!
Such an irrelevant question. He took a team that was heavily upside down and ran for an 18-6 record. He is awesome for this team. And just so you know, j.lin will be instrumental next year. He and melo will work just great.
i don't think he hates lin
Definetly he has their ear right now if they wanna win they need to keep listenin 2 him
why would woodson hate lin? Woodson did a great job!
He accepted a challenge and then he challanged our guys to show up and play together as a team! As for Lin he is needed but Davis looks like he's in shape and ready
Now, the Knicks are winning instead of losing since Mike Woodson was hired.
Hell Yeah!!!
Yes, he is. Remember he was thrown into the head coach position fairly recently. The record the Knicks had before that with Lin and D'Antoni was terrible after 'linsanity'. Mike Woodson really cemented their Defensive strategy. DEFENSE is really the best offense and that's how they started winning games again. Once Woodson starts getting familiar with everybodies playing styles and coaching more games he will be an amazing coach. We should stick with him, he has shown much promise so far...even if we don't do so well in the playoffs.
I don't think he hates Lin and he protects all the players in the team...
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he is antilin.
Woodson never appraised Lin as great or very important player after he took over the team. He gave a lot of credits to other player including rookie Iman. With his coaching style and melo as the focus, Knicks will never win championship because he plays his favorites which caused amare'anger. He has no ability to put melo and amare work together to do their best.
Knicks has all the ingredent to be very strong contender or possiblly win championship. But I dont think Mike is already in that level to bring Knicks there
he's a good man it seems, but not a title winning coach, sorry.
Not good enough. How could he let his player Amare got so frustrated and hurt himself? Bad management on the coach's part. No morale.
Yes! He don't hate Lin! But he doesn't believe in Lin's potentials. You can see it in his gestures and his choice of words for Lin. He prefer having veterans like Baron in his team rather than an risky rookie. Well if you can't make your team win atleast learn how to make your team profitable.
the question is (was woodson a good choice for the knicks?) Lin has nothing to do with this. NO! get the Zen Master Jackson and stop wasting time.
Not becoz he hates Lin, it's not great enough! The Knicks under woodson is not good enough! Fields, stat, and Lin cant really use their 100% under Woodson
well there was no point of knicks making it to the finals because with the way theyre playing, theres no way they could beat miami. this has a lot to do with the coach... and hes clearly anti-lin. why? cuz lin has more hair than him
Woodson put doubt as to whether or not Baron Davis start over Lin as soon as he took over the job.
another stupid ass question why cause he is asian ?
If you see the teams in the playoffs, there are nooooo isolation plays like Woodson's focus on Melo. When Lin was playing, majority of the bench made double digits (that is without the superstars). This notwithstanding, Woodson does not recorgnize Lin's talent nor will he play him as starter!!! Get another coach and trade Melo!