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popcornboii asks...
there is little or no ball movement when Baron Davis is playing

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some of that is on coach. but still...
the ball moves out of bounds or in the other teams hands when he gets it !!
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What 18-7..or thereabouts? Against many playoff bound teams..Except for a few clunkers, ball movement and shot selection have been there...Maybe in most of the 7 losses there could have been more...Best record during span (other than San Antonio..) CHA result not incl n/a at time, I'd say that's a pretty hot team.
BD is a good PG, just not in good condition. There ARE ball movement and he has the skill and knows how to play PG.
I always hate it when BD drives in, but he actually makes the bucket about 40% of the time.
good ball movement
there is ball movement, just most off the time it comes back to Baron who is working on his game as we head into the Playoffs..
there is some ball movement, definitely not to the same level as with lin but he is trying....our offense right now is give the ball to melo and he either takes the shot or throws to the open man when the defense collapses on him, the open man either takes the shot or we have quick ball movement around the court to find the open man who does take the shot....i dont know how effective that will b in playoff series or if we can even sustain it...moments like this where you miss having lin out on the court