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lotf1234 asks...
Do you think steve novak,jr smith, or jeremy lin will enter free agency?
Yes, and who
No, none of them

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i hope so. i want jeremy to leave ny. the new knicks dont seem to like him.
lin and novak will b back mos def...i think jr may go somewhere else for more money
Excuse me Ralph Somers, all of New York loves him!
we gotta keep Lin and Novak imo... J.R. is too streaky and needs to STOP TWEETIN @$$
JR is leaving
jr smith is leaving for sure, it's unfortunate
jr smith most likely because he needs the money
I think that one of them will seek more money and business is business we can't afford everyone.
Maybe JR or Novak, but I hope not.
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hope not
you should try ur best to keep them..
NO! Not yet!They or everybody needs a experience!
Only way any of them leave is if NY gets someone better in a trade. Otherwise i see them all returning next season!
None of them, we MOBB DEEP!
cuz they're all beast