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ballfan asks...
Why didn't the Knicks/MSG acknowledge Jeremy's merit on the Time's 100?
To avoid jealousy
Other reason, such as

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I think chances are they are too scared that Jeremy would get all the attention and this will hurt the ego of their other "superstar" in the team. Knicks, do the right thing!
Knicks management has been trying hard to get the spotlight back to the superstars after Woody took over to avoid another unnecessary drama due to jealousy. Lin receives this award from his stage of Knicks' court. It is shame that the Knicks management downgrades their rising star who brings worldwide attentions to the team of Knicks, while they are receiving profitably from those attentions. In conclusion, Knicks management is narrow mind set. The management should go to a MBA school to learn how to manage.
avoid jealousy.... truth... especialy those superstar.... obviously......
i have no idea why, but jeremy should be acknowledged for his HUGE accomplishment.
melos ego
And they could give Lin less money to resign him next season if they ignore it.
I don't think the team wants the fans want to be attracted to one player other than the whole team
stephen ASS smith called JLIN is a marginal player!!! to mr. ASS smith during the seventh straight win, JLIN played with the knicks bench players except TYSON and beat the other seven starting point guards played with their starters...K.IRVING,J.WALL,J.CALDERON,D.FISHER,D.HARRIS,T.EVANS,R.RUBIO so they are marginal players too .Hey ASS smith you are nothing but a JLIN's hater with a pea brain.Pass this along if you agree with me
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not even playing so why would they care
Staff not on the ball.
The website wanted to focus on our standings, the end of the season, and beginning of playoffs
You know ASSUMPTIONS make a A S S out of U and M E. It's a lot of things not posted here Lin's story is not the only one!
Have no Clue, Maybe they are waiting for his return to make it more memorable.
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