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Jesus Vargas asks...
Will The Knicks Win The NBA

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its melo time
They have the team to do it.. Its all about are the other teams hungrier..
Knicks have the potential to win
Champs Knicks can beat everyone of em
Champs all day!!!
LAKERS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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im a knicks fan but the there are other very good teams.... *cough cough* heat/bulls. Heat and the bulls won the series in the regular season and most of these games were not even close. Although i do think in the future they will win a title, just not this year
Be realistic. I am looking forwarding to the championship for the next year if we have great winning strategies/system. We need to set up a goal for the championship instead of winning games for the next year, and work as a team toward the goal.
Be reality.
I love the Knicks, but the knicks are versing the heat in the first round of the playoffs.
ur all knicks fans