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Co'Killa asks...
Who's going to win the MVP Crown.
Somebody Else But Who?

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FOR THE PLAYOFFS - MAYBE - if we win the title!
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Melo is doing great this month of April, but to get MVP, you need to be great for the entire season.
Jeremy Lin
Either LeBron or K.D.
Kevien Durant
lebron or kevin, nuff said
If Melo can carry his team like the past games he did for the entire season, and if he opens up his mind to accept the shine his teammates made, Melo will be the MVP next year.
hate to admit it..but yeah LeBron.. :/
lebron !!!
I would love to see a Knick get it but even Melo knows he is not the leagues MVP.
Tell us why you picked your answer...
Lebron for all his "clutch'' efforts
Hmm?? KD Or LJ
chris paul has 2 b mvp 4 what he did 4 the clippers
28% of people are completely irrational... he's started his run too late
I know it's nothing going to be melo. It's going to be some player I really don't like!!!