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ParPar TwoJay asks...
Will Tyson Chandler get Defensive Player of the Year 2012 ?
Nope , who

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definitive defensive (and offensive player) that completely changed a culture of a team - single handedly
my earnest wish.
no one deserves it more than ty! (:
he definitely deserves it!!!
He is the man to beat for it... I think he will
Because he's changed the culture of the team to be one of the top 5 defensive teams in the league. The difference is noticed whenever he's off the court. Points allowed for the games he's sat out are much higher than when he's on thw court. And he's just a great team member, who cares nothing about his own stats & everything about the team & getting the win.
He tries so hard. He is the staple for the Knick D, he is a team leader and really deserves it
Tyson Chandler set the standings on the Defensive end.
he is so great this season, especially when he plays together with Lin.
Tell us why you picked your answer...
blocking beast
Yes, i guess?? Never knew that award ever existed??
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serge Ibaka
I think Serge Ibaka is a very good defender blocking each shot that comes in his lane. I would usually guess Dwight but with him denying to help his team he won't get it
looks like howard is more likely to get the award. but if knicks can go deep into the playoffs, maybe a different story
He deserves it, but he won't win it, unfortunately