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K!cE #7 asks...
Nets moving to Brooklyn,how this is going to reflect to KNICKS fan base?
Lose some fans
No way,the KNICKS own BK

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It's going to divide the fans, but it will bring new fans as well.
lose a few , gain more
Tell us why you picked your answer...
If TIckets r CHEAPER!!! Hell YEah!!!
Lose some, but will galvanise the remaining fan base
its a part of NY ppl will float there especially if tht new franchise gets good players
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New York is Part of Brooklyn. NYK owns it.
The Knicks ARE New York Basketball.
if the knicks sign lin with the new contract then nobody cares for the nets
The knicks Will Own The BK Nets!!!
Hate them coming to NYC. It's a shame when your fans don't want to keep you. There is only one NBA team in NYC and that is the New York Knicks!!!
KNicks own BK
Nets suck. the only way they'd steal fans is because of D-will
not until the nets start 2 become a serious contender
Who are the Nets lol...the Knicks own NY