Five Takeaways: Knicks Hang On For Shorthanded Win In Orlando

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Pick and Roll Flashback


With the pick-and-roll duo of Felton and Chandler finally back on the court together, fans saw flashes of the Knicks offense that made the team so successful last year. Before Felton's injury, he and Chandler showed how effective the offense can be when it is initiated from a pick-and-roll set because that almost automatically disrupts the defense and makes the Knicks' weapons that much more potent.
The best thing for the Knicks is when Carmelo's defender cannot fully focus on guarding Anthony because Melo can make even the slightest defensive hesitation a lethal mistake. With Felton being a question mark going forward but roll man Chandler still healthy, the Knicks will probably look for another way to initiate this vital action.