Five Takeaways: Knicks Hang On For Shorthanded Win In Orlando

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Tyson Big in Big Minutes


Tyson Chandler has been magnificent since his return from a leg injury. He has helped anchor the Knicks' interior defense and also serve as a valuable aspect of their offense with his picks, rebounding and low-post play.
The Knicks are in a precarious situation with their injuries and place in the standings at this point in the season so every win is of the utmost importance. Therefore Coach Woodson has been leaning on Tyson for big minutes the past three games which could impact his durability for the rest of the season. Since coming back, Chandler has averaged over 36.5 minutes a game. Obviously the hope is for the Knicks to be playing deep into the postseason, and as we've seen during last year's playoffs, a fully healthy Tyson Chandler is extremely important.