Carmelo Anthony: Dissecting The Double Team

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Jonah Ballow


Elite scorers are presented with unique challenges on a nightly basis in the NBA.  Defensive schemes are geared to force them out of their comfort zones, limit their touches, and figurative walls are built to halt their scoring opportunities.  This occurs every single night for the top-notch offensive weapons in the league.

Last year’s scoring champ Carmelo Anthony is regarded as one of the most gifted offensive players in the game today. He owns an array of moves in his arsenal and constantly receives numerous forms of double teams.  The Knicks offense thrives when Anthony passes out of the double team or punishes the opposition on single coverage opportunities.

“This year I’ve been seeing a lot of double teams on the flight of the ball, soon as the pass as coming to me, I see guys running to me – double teams.  So, my thing is just pick it apart,” Anthony stated.

Some great examples were seen in Monday’s contest against the Wizards at Madison Square Garden.  Let’s take a look at what Anthony accomplished.