TUES Report: Intensity Increased, Leadership, & Pasta Dispute

Jonah Ballow


Intensity, Persistency, Consistency
These three words were heard throughout Tuesday’s media session for the Knicks following a lengthy practice at MSG Training Center.  There is no doubt this team’s edge is sharp, facing a 9-game losing skid and a matchup against Borough-rival Brooklyn on Thursday night.

“There have been some real intense practices, which is great,” Metta World Peace explained.  “You need intensity because when you have an intense practice it carries over to play on the court.  So, when you are playing against a team like Indiana for example, you got to have a really, really intense practice, so you can have a really, really intense game.”

Head coach Mike Woodson said the squad spent significant time watching tape prior to practice.  The signal caller liked what he saw on Tuesday, as the Knicks will take advantage of two days of practice availability before the showdown against the Nets.

“Attitude and moral is good, a little feisty at times but it’s ok, that’s part of the struggles that we are going through right now.  We had an opportunity to watch a lot of tape, break our last game down and had a good, spirited practice,” Woodson confirmed.

Knicks Remain Bonded
Despite some reports of arguments and visible disagreements between players, the Knicks assured the media that the team chemistry is perfectly fine off the floor.  From their point of view, the key is to manufacture that same type of chemistry on the court. 

When asked if the locker room is fractured, Carmelo Anthony responded, “Not at all, not at all.  It can be during times like this but we can’t allow that.”

He added, “There is no synchronization out there on the court.  Off the court, we talk to each other, we hang out with each other, we have fun with one another but once we get on the court it just seems like we are not in-sync with one another right now and we got to figure out ways to get that done and make it happen.”

The NBA’s second leading scorer also brought up an interesting point about leadership.  Fans and media members are quick to point the finger at Anthony when the team fails to meet expectations.  While he understands the weight is on his shoulders to deliver postseason success, there several ways to lead and the individuals on the team must band together to dig out of the hole.

“I lead in my own way.  Kenyon Martin might lead in his way.  Everybody is a leader.   As a leader of this team, I need other guys help me lead, that’s just the way it’s go to be,” Anthony stated.

Smith & Martin Update
J.R. Smith and Martin were involved in the conditioning part of practice today but both players rested during the scrimmages.  Head coach Mike Woodson expects Smith and Martin to practice the entire time on Wednesday with the contest against the Nets on the horizon.

Pasta Dispute Boils Over
World Peace put all the rumors to rest regarding the report of a dispute between him and Martin on Sunday.  The lesson learned here is to be careful when brining up pasta dishes around the two Knicks big men.

“He had elbow pasta, I had shell pasta and I told him how my shell pasta is better than his elbow pasta, he was pretty upset about that.  He loves elbow pasta.  I disagree, I think shell pasta is better and I will stand by that,” a defiant World Peace asserted.

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