Draft Retrospective: Tyson Chandler

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The Prospect


At Dominguez, Chandler was named to the varsity team as a freshman and grew to become a California basketball legend. He led Dominguez to a state title his senior year and was named a McDonald’s All-American. That year Chandler averaged 26 points, 15 rebounds, and 8 blocks per game. With schools like Syracuse, Kentucky and UCLA courting him, Chandler faced a tough decision on his future. With no age limit to worry about and several other high school players likely lottery picks, Chandler took his chances and entered the 2001 draft.

Chandler’s obvious strengths were his height, shot-blocking, and ability to finish near the rim. With Shaquille O’Neal and Kevin Garnett taking over the league, every team was trying to find the next dominant big man. Chandler was seen as somewhat of a project, especially on offense, but he quickly rose to the top of draft boards based on his size and immense potential.