Dissecting The Draft: History of the 24th Pick

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Serge Ibaka (Oklahoma City, 2008)


Ibaka was drafted 24th overall by the Seattle Supersonics, just six days before they became the Oklahoma City Thunder. After playing one season in the ACB League in Spain, Ibaka came to the NBA in 2009.

His impact was felt immediately. He put up an impressive 6.3 points, 5.4 rebounds and 1.3 blocks in 18 minutes per game as a rookie and has steadily improved since. This year he averaged a career-high in points (13.2) and rebounds (7.7), while swatting exactly three blocks per game. In just four NBA seasons, Ibaka has twice earned NBA All-Defensive First Team honors. As the third member of the Thunder's "Big Three," he keeps making his selection at 24 look better and better.

Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images