Dissecting The Draft: History of the 24th Pick

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By Ben Horney

The Knicks own the 24th pick in this year's NBA draft. While it's not the lottery, history tells us that, with the right scouting, a smart front office can still find valuable contributors later in the first round.

Let's take a look at the history of the 24th pick in the NBA draft, starting in 1988, when it became a first round selection. But first, the raw numbers:

  • According to Basketball-Reference.com, the average career length for an NBA player is only 4.9 seasons. The 25 players picked 24th since 1988 have played an average of seven seasons. 
  • The 24th pick has seen four champions win a combined 14 titles, and three All-Stars with a combined six All-Star appearances.
  • It's seen six NBA All-Rookie selections (one 1st team, five 2nd team), and five All-NBA defensive selections (two 1st team, three 2nd team).

Now let's break it down individually, with a look at the careers of a few of the most successful 24th overall picks.