Knicks' Top 5 Offensive Explosions

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By John Dorn, Knicks fan since '93

The New York Knicks achieved their most successful season in more than a decade. Their 54 wins were the franchise’s most since the 1996-97 season and most of their success can be attributed to the offense, which ranked third  in efficiency.

The team’s 111.1 points per 100 possessions was behind only the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder’s offensive marks. Carmelo Anthony’s individual triumphs with the ball have been well documented, but they were only a part of the unit’s overall effectiveness.

The team put on several mesmerizing scoring displays during the season, starting during its 3-point assault of Miami on opening night and continuing through its dominant 16-2 finish.

Ahead, we recap and relive the most memorable bucket-sinking exhibitions from 2012-13.

Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images