Five Takeaways: Knicks Stay Alive In Game 5

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1. Melo scores 28


Paul George is a great individual defender and he's made Anthony work all series, but Melo got the best of George last night. Melo's quick start was really important for his overall game; he scored nine points in the first quarter and hit a transition three, setting the tone for him early. Because Indiana likes to take away the 3-point game, they've really forced Anthony to create looks for himself in the mid range game.

In the fourth quarter, Anthony scored seven points and polished off the Pacers in typical Melo fashion. His Dirk-esque fadeaway coupled with his three made free throws put the nails into Indiana's coffin. One of the advantages the Knicks have had all season is the ability to go to Melo down the stretch of games. He's often delivered and did so again tonight. Big game for him.

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