Five Takeaways: Knicks Offense Stalls As Indy Takes Game 3

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Carmelo at the Line


Typically, a good way to measure Carmelo Anthony’s game is free throw attempts. If he racks up attempts at the stripe that means he’s being aggressive, putting the ball on the floor, and making quick decisions to beat double teams. In Game 3, Anthony went 8-for-11 on free throws and repeatedly pump-faked and juked the Pacers into fouling him.

It will important for Anthony to continue attacking the Pacers defense in Game 4. Last game, 11 of his 16 shots came from the baseline on either side of the basket. For the most part he took the elbow jumper shots out of his game and concentrated on making things happen from the post. While he’ll need to convert at a better clip than 6-for-16 for the game, the fact he got to the line so often is a great sign for the Knicks. He’ll need to continue punishing defenders on the block for the Knicks to win Game 4.

Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images