Scouting The Pacers

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Pablo Prigioni’s disruptive defense and timely shot making will be huge in this series. While George Hill is a much more competent ball handler than anyone on the Celtics roster, he can struggle with pressure. Expect another strong series from Prigioni.

I expect a strong series from Carmelo Anthony now that the pressure of getting past Boston has resided. Although Indiana lead the league in defensive efficiency in the regular season, they really don’t have an answer for Anthony. If he gets hot the Pacers will be in big time trouble.

Pace will be another key factor, as it was against Boston. The Pacers and Knicks both slow games to a crawl. Another series of games in the 80s is to be expected.

I think Indiana will give the Knicks offense a rough time, and they’ll grind out a couple wins at home. The Knicks are too strong though, and have answers for everything Indiana likes to do. I predict the Knicks will win in six games.

Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images