Five Takeaways: Celts Steal One At The Garden

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By Taylor Armosino, Knicks fan since '03

The Celtics came into Madison Square Garden Wednesday night as a team fighting for its life. They played by far the sharpest game they have all series, getting great performances from Jeff Green, Jason Terry, and Kevin Garnett. They shot 11-for-22 from downtown -- a figure I would think is unsustainable for a terrible shooting team like Boston -- and didn't miss a free throw.

On the other hand, the Knicks came in looking to close out the series. Unfortunately, it just wasn't their night. New York was unable to capitalize on a plethora of open looks and shot just 5-for-22 from behind the arc. Raymond Felton played a great game, but it wasn't enough to win. I'm not worried though and here's why:

These are the Boston Celtics. They've long been one of the dominant teams in our league and teams like this aren't going to go down without a fight. Before the series, I picked the Knicks to win in six games. While New York is clearly a better team, Boston has a great defense, two future Hall of Famers in Garnett and Paul Pierce and a great coach. I knew it wouldn't be easy for the Knicks, but I still feel good about my prediction. Last night the Knicks just had an off game, which will happen.

They just didn't shoot the ball well. They had open looks and they didn't hit. That's not going to happen every game and I would bet it doesn't happen in Game Six. I'm not panicking yet and neither should you.