Five Takeaways: Knicks Come Up Just Short In Sweep Attempt

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Melo At The Line


With his shot betraying him for much of the afternoon, Carmelo Anthony decided to make his mark at the free throw line. He bullied his way to the line 20 times, compromising the Celtics defense in the process. Foul trouble again played a key role, and was a big factor in the Knicks comeback. Kevin Garnett, Brandon Bass, and Jeff Green were all in severe foul trouble late in the game, mainly due to Anthony’s physicality.

As the Knicks come back home for Game Five, Melo must continue to attack the paint. The Celtics are comically thin behind Bass and Garnett, and with them off the floor, everything gets easier for the Knicks on offense. If Anthony is getting to the free throw line, it means he’s being aggressive and sending the Celtics only competent big men to the bench. I expect a huge redemption close out game from Melo in Game Five.

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images